Shifting to a Permaculture Lifestyle Webinar

Welcome to our newest webinar series. Explore the practices and principles of permaculture design, as we discuss reclaiming our inherently resilience relationship with our ecology.
This webinar series explores our inherent resilient connection to nature. We explore gardening, strategies and practices that empower you to thrive while producing a net positive lifestlye to your community & the environment.
In these sessions we'll be diving into the 12 Permaculture Principles and basic lifestyle changes that aid in empowering ourselves and the wider ecology.
Join us on Zoom, the series will run between Jan 22nd & Feb 12th. We'll be hosting classes every Friday  3 - 4:30pm PST.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

  • Principle 1: Observe & Interact

  • Principle 2: Catch/Store Energy

  • Principle 3: Obtain a Yield

  • Principle 4: Self-Regulate & Accept Feedback

  • Principle 5: Use & Value Renewable Resources

  • Principle 6: Produce No Waste

  • Principle 7: Design from Patterns to Details

  • Principle 8: Integrate rather than Segregate

  • Principle 9: Use Small and Slow Solutions

  • Principle 10: Use & Value Diversity

  • Principle 11: Use & Value the Marginal

  • Principle 12: Creatively respond to Change

Webinar Series: $200

Includes bonus content: 

  • The Insectary Guidebook (E-book)

  • Additional pre-recorded skill shares


In this class we'll be diving into our connection to place, our daily needs, and begin exploring the vast array of practices that produce a yield that meets our needs while creating a net positive effect to our ecology & community.

Once we've met our needs and obtained a yield, we can reflect, reorganize, and shed what no longer serves. Here we'll be taking courage to truly look at ourselves, our practices, and our environmental situation. This class is about getting real, reflecting on how our everyday choices matter, and taking realistic steps towards a more sustainable culture. We will be discussing ways for turning 'waste' into our resource, such as composting!

Here we'll be focusing on learning how to make the greatest impact with the smallest change. Through the context of pattern recognition, we'll begin exploring how gardens, our community, and the other elements of our lives can be interwoven in a way that is empowering and makes sense for you.

Diversity is our strength and edge of our comfort zone is where find the most growth. In these final principles, we'll be embracing our ability to increase biodiversity where we are, ponder how we respond to change, and discussing how to integrate edge as much as possible in gardens, communities, and life in general! 

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