~ Regenerative Gardening & Herbalism Series ~

Summer 2020

Bosque Medicine Farm presents our first workshop series of many to come.
Welcome to our 6-class series that weaves together Regenerative Gardening, Herbalism, and Permaculture to collectively ponder and discuss practices for a more sustainable, empowering, and resilient future in our local and global community. We will be covering:

Herbalism 101 5/22 @ 1-3pm with Jenny
An introduction to Herbalism as a holistic practice to empower the relationship to our own health. We explore the history of medical practices throughout history and how it relates to an essential revival of Herbalism as a practice to connect ourselves to nature and her cycles as we connect to our own cycles and rhythm. We discuss the many ways of incorporating medicinal plants into our practice through medicine making (tinctures, teas, salves, oil infusion).

Regenerative Agriculture & Starting a Garden | 5/29 @ 1-3pm with Juan
This class explores regenerative agricultural practices throughout history and Permaculture systems. Our goal is to illuminate paths, practices, and principles that allow our presence on this planet to be a regenerative force and ally to our ecology. We will review the essentials for starting your own garden and a few hands-on activities for kick-starting a garden.


Cultivating Soil Life & Companion Planting | 6/5 @ 1-3pm with Juan
This class explores the basics of soil life in the context of a garden. By understanding the movement of microorganisms underground and how rich dark humus is made, we will be able to delve deeper into garden practices that help to steward this life. We discuss composting, rotating crops by nutrient demand, sheet mulching, and plant ferments.

We also discuss companion planting as a means for deterring pests and attracting beneficial insects to the garden.

Plant Families & Herbal Actions | 6/12 @ 1-3pm with Jenny
An introduction to plant ID and plant families. We discuss basic plant anatomy and what characteristics to look out for when properly identifying a plant. We delve into a few common plant allies and the families that they come from. All plants have many stacking functions much like their many medicinal actions.

We discuss the many different herbal actions through the lens of Western Herbalism.

Dynamic Accumulators & The Magic of Weeds | 
6/19 @ 1-3pm with Juan & Jenny

We discuss garden weeds and their efficacy as nutrient accumulators in the garden and how these weeds can be integrated into a garden practice. We also discuss common weeds as plant allies to our health.

'Food as medicine' is a central theme for integrating these allies to our diets and growing them as medicines for our community and for our inner journey.

Patterning & The Language of Plants | 6/26 @ 1-3pm with Juan & Jenny
We explore the patterns that arise from the many forces of nature. By understanding these geometries, we delve into applying them in efficient use of garden space and connecting the many functions of plants throughout the garden. To understand the language of plants, we will study the doctrine of signatures that each plant exudes.

The Doctrine of Signatures allows you to infer certain medicinal characteristics plants hold by their patterns, color, shape, and growing environment.

~ Classes are facilitated by Juan Padilla and Jenny Lara ~

Update: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, this class series has moved online via Zoom Session for Spring 2020.

Cost: $120 for the whole program

*If you lack funds for our program, please contact us for possible work-trade opportunities. We feel called to make all of what we offer to be as accessible as possible.*


Materials to bring for each class:
-Notebook/pen or pencil
-Water bottle (stay hydrated ♥)

-Beginner's mind

Illustrated Rosemary

*Individuals of all racial identities, national/ethnic origins, ancestries, ages, religion, income, abilities, sexuality, gender, and non-gender conforming identity, self-expression are joyfully invited and honored to join. It is our intention to welcome all individuals that are curious to collaborate and learn with one another while also practicing kindness with each other and the natural world.*