Inner Work: Collective Liberation

Hello dears, these past months have been a potent time of deep reflection and uprising with #blacklivesmatter. I feel that these months have exposed the untended and disintegrating seeds we have been carrying. The fragility of capitalism, the ongoing epidemic of racism, the separation of self and others, and a culture that does not recognize the breathing world as sacred.

This overflow of trauma and grief invites us to stand up and rise with each other. To connect deeper with ourselves, to receive, release, and integrate. Perhaps we are given this pivotal experience to remember how to transform from our heart-space, to stand with the collective and marginalized, and to recognize the power our words and beliefs have in the present moment. Thus, we must truly stand with impeccable faith in ourselves, our community, and in the waves of recognition and healing.

This movement isn't a political issue, but rather a human right issue. Wellbeing and sovereignty continues to be affected by human right injustices we have rippled across time on Earth.

Weaving Vulnerability as Practice

When I show up to protest, I feel I am with my ancestors. Being a channel to express and voice our collective bruises and aches. A chance to reclaim sovereignty together, to feel the hollowness that has been starved and dissolving. A portal reminding us of who we are and what has been forgotten. In these times, I feel that I have been learning how to ground myself in new elements, to ground myself in ceremony and prayer as I chant. I feel great strength and faith in love that stokes our inner fire and passion to remember how to be wild. Our fragile capitalistic system fears our wild souls, they fear uprising that results in community sovereignty. They fear that we remember the sacred songs and dances our ancestors held so deeply. They know we are watching them, and they feel the enduring power we hold together. I feel that together we can rise beyond worlds, together we can release the stories of our own oppression. Together we witness, we feel deeper, we breathe into the collective heart for vulnerability and resilience, and together we are held by the living Earth while we hold her in our bodies. This movement is an invitation to dismantle fear of scarcity and bigotry while remembering ways to love deeper. We are called to build new traditions and cross-pollinate to truly embrace the sacredness of all earthlings and ancestors. Together we co-create to learn, process, grief, and integrate to breathe deeper together.

“White supremacy won’t die until White people

see it as a White issue they need to solve rather

than a black issue they need to empathize with.”

– Dwayne Reed –

Weavers of Our Collective Web

We are weaving the future, we have woven the untold stories, the lies, the hurt, the hurting, and we can weave in humility and vulnerability. As weavers, we can change our own individual thread to stay present with the process and harness this powerful movement to build onto our woven orb.

Speaking back to #blacklivesmatter, it is a revolutionary time to address racism and injustice across the planet. This moving and powerful resurgence allows us to recognize what woven stories have not been shared and have been dismissed, how we have been lost in our inner world. This time is about diving into the depths, to share the stories that have been hidden, to uplift our siblings, and to be fully present with them. If you hold privilege, take this time to weave in anti-racism work as an ongoing practice. Please note, collective liberation for brown and black lives, and for marginalized and minorities isn't a trend, it is an overdue right.

Anti-Racism work is an ongoing practice, and requires a life-long commitment. Perfection is not the goal, you will make mistakes. Anti-Racism work means you will continue to listen deeply, learn and expand on learning, take action, hold yourself accountable, and stay commited to having an open mind.

InnerWork for Collective Healing

I feel that most of us may feel ungrounded and frustrated with the deeper truth within our system. Now is not the time to abandon your sacred ecology, rather it is the time to bring yourself home. Rest, nourish yourself to step into your power as you are. Invite yourself to be with yourself and walk barefoot on the earth, to reflect deeply with who you are and how you want to co-create.

Be present with what is oozing within you, breathe in life into the neglected parts within yourself, breathe in presence into the discomfort inside of you. When we are honest with ourselves and others, we can dive deeper into our inner forest to bring in awareness where we stand. From there, we can root ourselves to do deep inner work that involves accountability, feedback, and practicing active listening. This work may involve processing our personal trauma, simply to lubricate stuckness, and tend to unprocessed blockages, stuckness, or resistance so we can be more present to surrender, empathize, and advocate for equity and justice. (I also recommend focusing on mental health, breathwork, somatic practices.) As we fight outwardly for systemic change, we must weave and integrate the lost or forgotten parts of ourselves that were trapped in the trauma. It is this blockage that hinders us from collective healing. So, doing the inner work is helpful to release and face the programs within us so we can tend to our outer world with more awareness and soft power. This journey is ours, where we are invited to stand stronger together for all sentient and marginalized beings.

Bosque Medicine Farm stands against all forms of oppression, racism, and white supremacy. We are dedicated to exploring our biases, edges, and build bridges to dismantle systems of oppression. As Latinx, we acknowledge the importance of having accessible forms of healing, wellness, community gatherings, and equitable livelihood accessible, and we strive to keep learning and make our offerings accessible to BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, and marginalized folx. We stand with Black folx and demand that their lives be recognized. We are also still learning and growing, we are taking this time to reflect, and release any programming we may hold. We are here for you and promise to create more space for your healing by doing our part and showing up in all ways we can.


Review your spending, find ways to donate a percentage of your income to black-led businesses, organizations, or artists, bail funds. If you are not financially abundant, remember that every dollar counts and adds up. Ask your community, friends, and family to contribute and support the livelihood of our dear brown and black brothers and sisters. There are way more organizations than listed below that you can consider donating:



Amplify your prayers, work, and medicine to all of our kin. Rest as you need to, feel as you need to, heal as you need to, plant new seeds as you need to, hold space as you need to, integrate. May we all find our way home and may we step into the shadows with courage, compassion, and fierce determination.