Living Permaculture Course

Immerse into our learning circle. as we explore land stewardship skills & practices that are integral to reclaiming our connection with the Earth. These skills are indigenous practices that have been passed on through stories and daily rituals. In this series, we'll be collectively exploring our own ancestral roots, how land stewardship shaped our ancestors, and how this informs ways we may carry these skills forward in our lives.  

Through a mix of hands-on gardening, permaculture design, and ecological study, we will learn key steps to cultivating an abundance of food and medicine. From these foundational skills, we'll be exploring how we can live these practices in an accessible and integrated way to our own lives.

[April 23rd - July 2nd]


I: Land Stewardship as Ritual

Our first class will focus on weaving together permaculture principles, ancestral land stewardship practices and how they relate to our current lives. With this as our framework, we'll dive into the skills in permaculture design such as site analysis, sector analysis, and the power of observation on a micro and macro scale. 


IV: Design Session

In this class, we'll be exploring what is known as zone 0 & zone 1. We'll be looking at what home can look like for you and begin planning personalized roadmaps. We'll also be hosting a design session to envision many possibilities for integrating land stewardship in a variety of urban and rural settings.


II: Plant Walk/Ecological Study

This class will be an outdoor ecological study. Our focus will be on studying ecological succession and building relations/familiarity with the earthlings among us. This will lead us to an introduction to our many plant allies and medicinal weeds through plant ID and plant study. 


V: Guest Speaker



III: Hands in the Earth 

Our hands will be in the soil for much of this class. We'll be exploring the importance of planting seeds, both in the earth and within ourselves. Our focus will be on learning the skills of successional planting, companion planting, guilds, and insectaries.


VI: Plant Medicine

Medicine making, plant + human constitution, processing. 

Classes will be held biweekly on Saturdays from 1 - 4pm

Weave the practices of land stewardship & ritual