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weaving spirit & science to know your own medicine ~ while cultivating reverence for yourself & more-than-human world 

Ignite Your Wild Medicine

Deepen and tend to the wisdom that lives in your bones & body through this guided journey to herbalism and connection to place. Ignite Your Wild Medicine, is a 7-week experiential series dedicated to changemakers, earth-dwellers, and those that ready to reclaim relationships & understanding of our beloved plant + fungi relatives and our own sacred ecology. 


 Join us to study with 1-2 plants per week,  work with their medicines via medicine making, recipes, insights/messages, monographs (plant profile that share a glimpse of their medicine, folklore, etc), and explore our energetic anatomy. Part of our sessions will involve group activities and holding space for ourselves + each other. Working with these plant and fungal allies will require us to integrate our experiences and process how their medicines influences our lives and inner world.

Class Series Overview

We will gather on Saturdays, 2-5 pm at Earth Space PDX:


Expression: Unlock Your Story

Processing fear & the power of vulnerability. Meeting a plant ally to guide us to nourish our throat, thyroid, lungs, essentially helps us feel unstuck when it comes to channeling our voice & holding space.


Sky: Bridging Within

Creating space to feel grounded in our bodies & creating our own ritual to feel connected with this world. Acknowledging and working with synchronicities, dreamwork, nervines for migraines, insomnia, depression, overwhelm.


Mind: Guiding Star

Self-care & wellness plan for our wholeness. Understanding our individual & collective journeys. Remembering our guiding star. Coming to a close with a gratitude circle.  


♦ Herbal & Fungi Medicine ♦ Acknowledge Inner Child ♦ Energetic Anatomy ♦ Medicine Making & Ritual ♦ Relational Activities ♦ Food as Medicine 

If this offering resonates with you, I hope you join us on this journey of cultivating personal relationship with our beloved Plant/Fungal kin. You are so invited & capable. 

2022 Dates (Saturdays, 2-5pm):

  • Earth: Grounding & Immunity - March 5th

  • Water: Healing for Creativity - March 19th

  • Fire: Reclaiming Our Power - April 2nd

  • Air: Radiating Compassion - April 16th

  • Expression: Unlocking Your Story - April 30th

  • Sky: Bridging Within - May 14th

  • Mind: Guiding Star - May 28th

Ignite Your Wild Medicine


We may offer optional forest walks or mini excursions

Energy exchange: $525 for this whole series, per participant (includes medicine making costs) 

-- payment plans available // $450 for BIPOC relatives

** Jenny comes from a mixed cultural upbringing, this offering is created for the presence of BIPOC relatives in mind and for those who are reclaiming their earth-based connections as well. We ask you to share this offering with your community & those that resonate with this offering. All identities welcomed & invited. 

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Ready to Ignite Your Wild Medicine 

  • To register, please click the “Apply Now" button below. This will take you to an online sign-up form. 

  • I'll contact you once I looked over your submission & follow-up with any questions you may have

  • Corresponding payment will be requested via Venmo @jennyfer_lara upon completed registration

Final Message: The goal of this offering is to leave you feeling empowered & supported in your self-discovery and health journey while reclaiming connection with yourself + all of life (including ancestors, place, etc.). I want to co-create space where we feel allowed to share our vulnerability with compassion because I feel it'll remind us that we are in this human journey together. Also, when we work together with these beloved plants + fungi, we are able to relate and widen our perspective to each other's insights and innate medicine, weaving a shared experience with each other. (i.e. synchronicities, dreams, reflections can be amplified.)


Con amor y reverencia,

Jennyfer Lara of Earthlings Among Us & Co-founder of Bosque Medicine Farm

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