Our Vision

Bosque Medicine Farm (pronounced: Bohs-ke, Spanish for forest) is inspired by the magic and harmony that comes from a healthy and wild ecosystem. The forest (bosque) is home to Earthlings of many shapes, sizes, and expressions; all of whom through their relationships build long-term regenerative cycles. A forest holds biodiversity, clean water, and air while sustaining food and medicine for generations worldwide.

Our vision is to preserve and share the insights and space that the forest offers to guide our community toward a culture of sovereignty, reciprocity, land stewardship, community, and connection.

Through learning and sharing ways to reforest our home while passing on the skills and recipes of those who came before us, we are forging a path towards the renaissance of our generation.

Bosque Medicine Farm is a learning center and regenerative farm. We hold space for building traditions and earth-based skills for people of all beliefs, identities, and expressions. Understanding the depths and impact of colonization we acknowledge how spaces can feel uninviting, unsafe, or inaccessible when it comes to reclaiming our connection to the land. That is why we strive to hold a brave space in our classes to discuss and work through the process of decolonization. We also strive to make all of our offerings as accessible as possible

  • A regenerative farm for ecology & earthlings

  • Learning and 

  • Educational  (collaborative learning)

  • A culture of reciprocity & humility

  • Making all offerings accessible 

  • Exploring edges & vulnerability

  • Diversity & Inclusivity (All beliefs, identities, LGBTQ+)

  • Compassion for self & others

  • Artistic exploration

Our intention is to serve our community by making our courses and events as accessible as possible to all people. We strive to offer discounts & sliding scale costs for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities. 
Through our practices of Permaculture, Herbalism,  Ayurveda, Food as Medicine, and Ceremony, we reclaim our connection to nature, ourselves, and each other.

Our vision is to hold courageous space for:

Our Offerings ~

While we work towards our vision of being a farm, learning, and ceremony center, we currently will be offering workshops and class series on Permaculture, Herbalism, Regenerative Agriculture, Inner Landscape, Food as Medicine, and much more.

(We are always learning and growing.)

Besides these upcoming class series, we will be hosting events, gatherings, & garden parties.

Eventually, we will expand our horizons to hold local organic food & medicine CSA and build Bosque Medicine Farm as a learning sanctuary for catalyzing the shift that is needed into sustaining a local and reciprocal relationship with our community and the planet.

Bosque medicine farm welcomes you to play, learn, and engage with an open and curious mind. It is with our utmost pleasure to offer a space to meet and build bridges among each other. We are excited to meet you and learn with you. Your medicine is needed.

courses are created with the intention of connecting us back to the Land, to the Plants, the Moon, Stars, Water, Fire, ourselves, and to one another. I have always had a love of teaching, and sharing wisdom + knowledge earned over the years.

As I deepened into my path there was a call from Community to share more Plant Teachings, and so Xálish Medicines course offerings were born. 

My hope with all of the courses & blog posts I offer is that they help reconnect you back to the inherent knowing that you have deep within; that they reawaken your Ancestral memories & teachings, and spark that fire within to learn by relating to the world around you. Being in relation & communion with all that is.

Bosque Medicine Farm serves as a living prayer, connecting people, place, and more-than-human world through feeding and facilitating the process of inspiration, remembrance, sovereignty, regeneration. 

Our mission is to remember that we have the ability to be in a symbiotic relationship with the wild landscapes within and around us; the seeds have been sown for generations, our task is to fully receive the gifts that lie in the fertile ground.